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  • A good evening enjoyed by all

    Goatshed - Jim Watts July 2012.

    We wined and dined our guest, Dr Jim Watts, at Fairview Goatshed on Friday evening - 27th July 2012.
    Photo's: Courtesy of Eva & Christopher Dölitzsch-Tatzreither

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  • A treasure trove

    AGM 2011

    Photos taken by Eva Dölitzsch-Tatzreither at the AGM 2011. The venue was the Chiltern Farms in Grabouw followed by a wonderful lunch at the home of Tanya Mudge. This was followed by a visit to the gallery at Helderstroom Alpacas where we admired Alisons beautiful creations.

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  • Debbie Oooh'ing and aaah'ing

    AGM 2012

    Photo's: Courtesy of Eva & Christopher Dölitzsch-Tatzreither
    Affiliated to the South African Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association

    At 10:15 am on Sunday 29th July at Klein Landskroon, Paarl

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  • Alpaca crias

    Alpaca babies (crias)

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  • Alpaca and sheep

    Alpaca Image Gallery

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  • Klein Landskroon

    Screening Workshop March 2012

    On Saturday 10 March, 17 keen Alpaca enthusiasts met at Klein Landskroon to
    participate in the First Alpaca Screening Workshop. All were correctly
    dressed, had their brown bags with them and the screening sheets and rulers. Some felt a bit like 1st day of school only the German Schultüte (cornet of goodies) was missing. Some lovely coffee and cakes made an easy start, and everyone was so happy to see each other, lots of hugging and happy faces.

    Robyn, the bottle-raised 3-month-old Alpaca, was the first "victim". Not
    that she would qualify for screening, being to young and to light, but she
    was the one the least annoyed about all the touching and mouth opening and
    looking at very private parts. So introduction was a demonstration of all
    the expressions on the screening list.

    Kerstin went through the screening list one by one, explaining in detail
    what to look for and how to know what is correct to register and what is not

    Then the cat-walk started, alpacas - one-by-one - walked down the aisle
    showing their legs, posture and balance. All in lovely fleeces already, all
    colours, huacayas, suris.
    Small groups were formed and the individual animals were screened from top
    to toe, filling in the screening reports. Alpacas had to open their mouths
    to look for their teeth and for over/under bite, tails were lifted to check
    genitalia, spines were followed thoroughly, ears were inspected. Kerstin had
    smuggled in some interesting cases, from baby lama to blue eyes, from
    under-bite to three teats, all cases were discussed and evaluated to be
    found OK to register or NOT OK to register.

    For several hours the participants were completely taken by their screening
    jobs and despite of working so hard, they all seemed to enjoy themselves !
    Kerstin answered endless questions and we could all share in her knowledge.
    Lorna was also a wealth of contribution with all her information that she
    had gathered on her Dr. Sumar course. Vivid discussions showed how much
    everyone was keen to learn and get ready to use this knowledge on their own

    At the end of a long practical day Kerstin went through the Male
    Certification process with one example and everybody agreed that it was not
    to difficult to follow nor too excessive to ask from a Herd Sire that should add value to your alpaca herd.

    We would like to thank Kerstin and Dietmar for hosting the Screening
    Workshop at Manor House Alpacas, for their efforts to make it a worthwhile
    and interesting event.

    We would like to encourage alpaca breeders and board members in other areas of South Africa to follow this example and organise meetings and screening courses in their region.

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  • A great time was had by all at the Stellenbosch Agri Expo!

    Stellenbosch Agriworks 2012

    The SAABS hosted a stand and modelling show at the 2011 Stellenbosch Agriworks Farm Expo - many thanks to the sub committee for all their hard work! Photos courtesy of Christopher and Eva Dolitzsch-Tatzreither.

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  •  The Fair in full swing

    Wakkerstroom Fibre Fest 2011

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  • Food for thought!

    Workshop by Maria Bravo

    Held at Linda Nessworthys farm. November 2011

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