How to become a member of the South African Alpaca Society and Studbook

The application to become a member of the SA Alpaca Breeders’ Society is available HERE .
Please fill it in and send it to the

Dianne Kruger
PO Box 799

Tel: 079 895 4121 or 011 282-8413

The membership fees for SAABS are:
Subscriptions and Fees for period from 1st March to 28 Feb each year:
No levy is applicable on a) wethers, b) non-breeding un-registered males and c) cria younger than 12 months.
(The word “Registered” is based on the intention of the The breeder may not have received the registration.)


Contact details for SA Studbook or SA Stamboek :
For your registration with SA Studbook, you have to think of a lovely, impressive, memorable NAME for your Stud, and a 3-letter-designation. For example: Name: "Super Beautiful Alpacas", designation: "SBA" The application form to become a member of SA Studbook is available.

The membership fees for SA Studbook are available on their website: .
Once you have filled in the Studbook form it must be first sent to the Secretary of the SA Alpaca Breeders Society to be signed by the Secretary.

  +27 - (0)51 410 0900
Fax: +27 - (0)51 447 3964

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 270

Physical Address:

118 Henry Street