Fleece for Sale

April 2012:
ROVINGS: NO guard hair and good micron. Suitable for spinning and felting (though very soft and too precious for felting, I would think) - - Would you be interested?
The Baby (B) rovings are going for R90.00/100gram
The Adult (A) rovings are going for R92.00/100gram

A 1 DK Brown 320gram B6 Fawn 359gram
A1 DK Brown 228gram B6 Fawn 360gram

B3 Med Fawn 321 gram B4 Dk Brown 398gram
B3 Med Fawn 403gram B4 DK Brown 349gram
B3 Med Fawn 373gram B4 DK Brown 368gram
B4 DK Brown 383gram
B4 DK Brown 350gram
B4 DK Brown 320gram
B4 DK Brown 372gram

Please contact me via mail or land-line: 021 856 4520 – kambihi@deunet.co.za
Take care, regards,