Fleece Colour Chart

The fleece colour code has been supplied to breeders to assist in grouping your registered Alpacas into the correct fleece colour type.

1. Open the fleece on your animal and place the chart next to the fleece. Do not place colour chart next to the outside tips as these are sun-bleached and do not represent the true colour of the fleece.
2. The natural range of Alpaca colours is more extensive than the individual colours on the chart, so you must match the animal to the nearest like colour.
3. Alpacas which are the one colour have the prefix 'S' for solid colour preceding the described colour.
4. Alpacas which have a solid body colour but have white on the head or below the knees are regsitered on body colour but do not have the prefix 'S'.
5. Grey Alpacas are to be coded in the nearest grey category with no prejudice against dark or light markings. The grey colour is complex and no prefix 'S' will be attached to this class.
6. Multi coloured animals will be descibed by taking the largest colour mass first and the lesser colour or colours next in order of total body colour up to 3 colours.
For example: Black/white BLKW
  White/black BLKW
  Brown/white BRW
  White/brown WBR
  White/brown/black WBRBLK