Objectives of the SAABS

The SA Alpaca Breeders’ Club was inaugurated in 2001, and was promulgated to a Society in late 2007.

The Society is registered under SA Stud Book and Livestock Improvement Association. Alpacas are therefore a registered breed in South Africa. The Society promotes the breed in SA, and is the controlling body for maintaining minimum breed standards and genetic improvement. One has to be a member of the Society to register stud alpacas.

The Society is also a forum for the dissemination of information, arranging seminars and, in the future, a show circuit.

The objectives of the Alpaca society are:

  • to encourage and promote the breeding of Alpacas in the Territory and the improvement of their genetic production;
  • to maintain unimpaired the purity of the Alpaca breed in the Territory and promote the interests of the breed and their fibre-related by-products;
  • to encourage the preservation and development of the breed by sound selection in accordance with the acceptance of a “Minimum Breed Standard“ based on performance testing records and visual appraisal for genetic defects, conformation and fibre requirements;
  • to maintain a Code of Conduct for members on the sale and marketing of their animals;
  • to safeguard and advance the common interests of breeders in the Territory, and generally to give effect to the objectives contemplated by the Act.